Welcome to the world of David Bynch aka Fabien Garel

David Bynch is the « artist name » that I chose for all my more artistic or experimental « side projects ».

Like the right hemisphere your brain, it is under the name David Bynch that I learn, undertake and improve my shooting techniques and / or editing to be more successful on my professional projects.

The universe of David Bynch is articulated under two major angles:


A series of photos taken during my various trips, shots of scenes or inspiring places that I had the chance to discover.


A participatory video project in the form of « portraits » based above all on meetings with people from all backgrounds wishing to show a talent, a facet of their personality, or share an activity in a short video. It is on the differences of each one that these video portraits are based on a creative, offbeat, light or sometimes more serious tone.

To discover all my artistic creations under the name David Bynch, I give you an appointment here